Monday, June 11, 2012


This week we did another routine with the group. The first round alternated Thrusters (Rear Squat with a Shoulder Press), and AB Routine #1-5, which included Crunches, Crunches with Legs Up, Sit-ups crossing to the L, Sit-ups crossing to the R, and Leg Lifts (5x). Round two was Push-ups and Pull-ups (5x), and round three alternated Dumbbell Curls with Leg-Raises (5x).

The goal is to do all five sets in round one, back-to-back without stopping. Once you finish the round, you can take a quick drink and catch your breath—if you were pushing hard, that is.

Similarly, you should do round two back-to-back, stopping only after your fifth set for another quick drink. This way, you’ll not only be getting your strength and conditioning, but a cardio workout as well. You’ve heard of supersizing? This is called super-setting!

Doing things back-to-back this way will really crank up the heart rate and calories burned both during and after your workout. In fact, if you’re working out for weight loss and you’ve hit a plateau, this might be a good way to get things going again.

Meanwhile, we had lots of folks go out and participate in the 7th annual C.A.M.A. Teen Bike Rally last Saturday. A few did the shorter 4 and 15 mile route with their kids, while many of us did the longer 42 mile ride. We even had a few superstars do the 72 mile route. It was a great day for riding—not too hot, not too cold, and C.A.M.A. did a great job as usual with the support staff and routes.

Some of us also went out for some more Tough Mudder training on Sunday afternoon, doing a 5 mile trail run featuring lots of hills and a nice jog through the creek. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t make it, so I consoled myself with 13 laps around my 5/8 mile trail out at the house, later that afternoon.

We’ve all got to do what it takes to make sure we’re ready for Tough Mudder, coming up on June 16th. Those 12 miles and 24 obstacles are looming closer and closer! For more information about this event, go to .

This week’s Biggest Loser was T.J. Johnson, who lost 1.0% of his body weight and 2.4 lbs. Brittany Cline was second, losing about half a pound.

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