Monday, June 04, 2012


While this week’s Biggest Loser workout was canceled due to the Memorial Holiday Weekend, we did have a group out over the weekend for some more “Tough Mudder” training. This time, we did another “Mini-Mudder” that actually got us muddy.

Up to this point, our group has done some fantastic interval training, and even a neat trail run out at one of our member’s place, including a nice platform jump into the pond. This time, we got together at our place where I have a 5/8 mile trail I like to run on a regular basis.

To make it interesting, we added some neat obstacles, including a weight-carry up hill, several short dips into the creek, a 9 foot wall to climb, a couple mud crawls, and a walk across the pond (harder than it sounds). They had to keep focused on a certain point on the other shore or they’d be swimming.

For the final lap, they had a much longer creek run—more like a walk, really, since they had to climb over numerous trees that had fallen due to local beavers and the wind. They also had to navigate through some nice deeper sections. Once they got back, they had a final pond walk to cap things off! All told, it took a little less than an hour, and I figure we covered around 4 miles.

This was a great workout, but we’ve got more work to do if we’re going to be ready for the real deal on June 16th. Tough Mudder Indiana is in Attica, IN, and will be 12 miles of grueling obstacles, including lots of mud, ice water dunks, the big pond jump, crawling through tight places, hand walking across a dunk pit, crawling under barbed wire, and even electric shocks! What were we thinking?

Next week we’re going to cover around 6-7 miles of trails, including lots of uphill runs, and more practice doing the 16’ platform pond jump! Then we’ll back at our place, where I’m preparing a few more surprises for them. We’ve got to get ready for Tough Mudder! For more information about this event, go to .

This week’s Biggest Loser was Tom Emerick, who lost 1.5% of his body weight and 2.8 lbs. Second place went to Tony Westerfield, who lost 1.3% and 1.7 lbs.

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