Saturday, January 07, 2012


We had our first workout last Monday night with the new group in Biggest Loser “15.” It’s hard to believe we’ve done this 15 times! So this time, after the initial weigh-in and measurements, I decided to do something a little different.

Instead of the regular fitness tests: pushups, sit-ups, and body squats for 60 seconds, and 1 mile walk/run, I thought I’d throw them to the wolves by giving them a Level IV workout like we do at the end of the program. That way when they do it again after 12 weeks, they’d have a real idea of how much their fitness has improved.

I took the idea from the TV show, where they show them working out at the end, a lot lighter and feeling strong. Then they go back and show them doing the same thing at the beginning, where they’re all just dying. Here’s what we did:

  1. Wall Ball (Squatting and then throwing a medicine ball up overhead on the wall)
  2. Standing Dumbbell (DB) Curls
  3. AB Routine #1, 2, 3 (Crunches, Crunches with legs up, Sit-ups crossing L & R)
  4. Box Jumps
  5. Ball Twists (Side-to-side, over-under)
  6. Kettle Bell (KB) Swings
  7. Plank Routine (Mountain Climbers, Regular Plank, Side-to-side reaches
They performed each movement as many times as possible for most of a minute and moved to the next station before the minute was up. They did all 7 exercises a total of 3 rounds, a 21 minute workout.

The Biggest Loser veterans were used to working out at this intensity. The new ones had it a little rougher so some of them had to modify things a little bit by going slower, stopping sooner, and using lighter weights.

Before they finish the 12 weeks, I’m going to throw this workout at them again. They’re going to be very surprised at how much easier it will be then.

They’ll be lighter and lots stronger, plus their endurance will be through the roof! This means they’ll be able to push much harder through the workout, and believe me, it will show.

They got a calorie log to start tracking their calories. The goal is to figure out how much they’re eating, and their assignment is to turn one log in next week. We also talked about resources like , , and that they can use online or with their smart phone.

It’s not too late, if you’d like to take part in Biggest Loser “15.” We’ll be meeting each Monday night at 6pm for 12 weeks. After the weigh-in, they’ll be doing high energy group workouts like the one you just saw. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through Facebook at !

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