Thursday, July 17, 2014


Last week, Biggest Loser "20" ended with Christy Henry losing 46.2 lbs for first place. Brian Bradley finished second, losing 43.2 lbs, and Lori Hollingsworth was third, losing 27.3 lbs. We also covered "building hedges", and staying accountable, to give them some tools for keeping the weight off.

This week, I thought you might like to know how some of the other participants did. Twenty-two people started the 12-week program, and twelve made the final weigh-in. Of those that didn't finish, I can think of at least three who are still working on it, and haven't actually quit. They just didn't make the weigh-in for one reason or another.

Typically, 50% of the people finish the 12 weeks, so the 54% completion ratio was a little better than usual. I'm not sure why that was the case this time, but it's always good to see. When I polled the finishers, a common theme was "I just don't quit."

Several participants spoke about their support system. Both Christy and Lori (1st and 3rd place) said they relied on each other for motivation. Brian did the 12 weeks along with his 13 year old daughter, and says she helped give him the push he needed to finish in second place.

Several others had nice results too. Cheryl Funkhouser finished in fourth place, losing 19.2 lbs, and Heather Watson was fifth, with 17.6 lbs. Both were pretty happy, especially after interesting starts. Cheryl had to be talked into doing Biggest Loser "20" by her sister, and Heather had a serious ankle sprain in the 1st workout!

Pam Kelly took sixth, losing 23.6 lbs; Brad Adams was seventh, with 25.1 lbs; and Matt Murphy finished eighth, at 25.1 lbs. Brian's daughter Bailey lost 10.2 lbs for ninth place, and Sarah Mitchell was tenth with 5.8 lbs. This was Sarah's second Biggest Loser in a row, and both her and Bailey had the least to lose, as they were already close to their goal weight.

Other notable accomplishments include several ladies dropping 2-3 dress sizes, and guys dropping 2 pants sizes. One individual lost 21" over their body during the 12 weeks. There was dramatic improvement in the physical post-tests too. It was common for people to take 2-3 minutes off their 1 mile walk/run time, and one even took off 8 minutes!

It was routine for the group to get 10-12 more reps of each exercise in a minute. But the biggest improvement was Lori's ability to do Battle Ropes and Mountain Climbers. She doubled her output in both, and never had to stop for any breaks!

These results were typical of the improvements people have been able to make over the last ten years in twenty Biggest Losers. They're also very predictable if someone just works at it a little bit. If you've been wondering how YOU could do, Biggest Loser "21" starts Monday night at 6:15. We'll have some members from Tom's along with people from other gyms including the Rec and even some working out at home. Let me know if you'd like to join in!

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