Saturday, March 10, 2012


With another week down, I wanted to keep the intensity high with another butt-kickin’ full body workout similar to the boot camp workouts I give our group class. In fact, they’ve been doing so well, it seemed right to have them do the same workout! Here’s what they did:

Round One: (5x)

• Straight Bar Deadlift-Sumo-Hi Pulls (10-15x)

• Assorted Ab Crunches on the Exercise Ball (10-15x)

Round Two: (5x)

• Straight Bar Squats w/Overhead Press (10-15x)

• More Assorted Ab Crunches on the Exercise Ball (10-15x)

Round Three: (5x)

• Straight Bar Curls (10-15x)

• Even More Assorted Ab Crunches on the Exercise Ball (10-15x)

We also talked about how snacking can make or break their weight loss goals—especially as they start moving into a weight loss plateau. For the women, if they miss a snack or two, it could easily put them under their daily minimum calories, making it hard to lose weight. Remember, most women are under-eaters.

For the guys, snacking too much could put them over their calorie goal, making it easy to store fat instead of burning it. Most guys tend to eat too much, so portion control becomes a top priority. Here are some of the favorite snacks named by the group to help keep their hunger in check between meals:

• Sliced Apples w/peanut butter

• Greek Yogurt (or regular low fat yogurt w/fruit)

• Cheese

• Trail Mix (nuts, raisins, a few M & M’s)

Several people posted some nice losses in inches, with some totaling more than 10 inches overall. The greatest loss was recorded by Laken Pennington, who’s lost an amazing 11 inches off her waist alone, and 27 inches overall! With that kind of success, it’s no surprise that she was this week’s Biggest Loser once again, losing 2.1% of her body weight and 3.0 lbs.

Second place went to Beverly Weger, who lost 1.3% and 2.2 lbs. We had a three-way tie for third place, with Kara Englum, Tom Emerick and Mandi Stuck all losing about 1.0% and 1.4 lbs, 1.7 lbs, and 1.0 lb respectively.

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